Post Training Support

When You Graduate

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When you complete our Comprehensive Training Course, we will invite you to join past Evolve Minds Hypnosis Academy graduates in our Exclusive and Private Group of Qualified Hypnotherapists on Facebook.
This will give you access to discussions and lets you share and ask for advice.

Mentoring and 1-2-1 Supervision

Mentoring with Evolve Minds Hypnosis Academy
Our students come to Evolve Minds from all different backgrounds and with varying degrees of experience. We feel therefore that it is important for us to offer a tailor-made Mentoring Program and 1-2-1 Supervision support after graduation. This is ideal for those newly-qualified graduates who feel the need for additional support setting up their Hypnotherapy Practices and who may require additional guidance and advice in their Therapy Sessions. These Mentoring and 1-2-1 Sessions would normally take place via Zoom, so your original course location is not an issue.
Supervision with Evolve Minds Hypnosis Academy
In addition to our Evolve Minds 1-2-1 Mentoring and Supervision Program, we also provide and offer support through our fabulous GHR Accredited Team of Supervisors. This enables us to hold regular Group Supervision meetings where a guest speaker will talk on a Specialist subject. These group sessions have limited places so booking early is advised once they are announced. The sessions usually take place via Zoom so your original course location is not an issue.

Continuous Professional Development Workshops

Cpd Workshops with Evolve Minds Hypnosis Academy
You will be invited to attend various C.P.D. Workshops that we run from time to time throughout the year. These may be either Classroom based, or may take place using Zoom or a similar platform. These Workshop Classes are an ideal way for you to add further more Specialised Knowledge and tools to your Therapeutic Toolboxes. The classes will be announced in our Facebook Group and here as required.

Learn Hypnotherapy...

We're offering you two Information packed events
of Hypnotherapy Training, completely
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The events Complete the First Module of our Practitioner Training in Hypnotherapy.
Two exciting events where we will introduce you to the amazing and powerful human mind.
We will share lots of interesting information, mixed with fun and also live hypnosis demonstrations. Following a demonstration you will even get to hypnotise one of the other students for the very first time!
So click the button below and APPLY NOW for your FREE place...
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