What people love about EMHA and our course

Farah Naz - Portugal

Matt Shears - Portugal

Astrid van der Krogt - Portugal

Hilary Elsy - Portugal

Jon Nicholls - Portugal

Lillian Tubbert - Portugal

Stella Rocha - Portugal

John Ketley - Portugal

Denise du Plessis - Portugal

José Santos - Portugal

Sandie Ashing - Spain

Tiago Freitas - Portugal

Sue Barnes - Portugal

Pam das Neves - Portugal

Suzanne Catron do Valle - Portugal

Kate Elphick - Portugal

Elisabeth Esterl - Portugal

Sheila Gorrie - Portugal

  • "Mark promised us a life changing experience, and it has certainly been that and more! A rich and exiting journey which has shown me that you are never too old for a good dose of self development! Thank you to Mark and Sue for guiding us through with such kindness and support. I feel enriched and am looking forward to sharing these new healing life skills"!

    Paula Cordell - Portugal

    Retired Physical Therapist and Hypnotherapist
  • "When I started this journey I wasn’t thinking “I want to be a hypnotherapist”. But I don’t think that matters because completing the course has awakened in me a personal awareness and a curiosity to learn more about a fascinating and inspirational subject. Hypnotherapy has the potential to help so many people on so many levels and I feel privileged that I am now qualified to practice it, be it on a professional or a personal level. If, like me, you have a genuine interest in hypnotherapy and want to know how you can help yourself and the people you care about, then I strongly recommend you come along to the free introductory weekend. You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. I know that some of my course colleagues are well on the way to practicing hypnotherapy themselves. As for me, I’m not sure what is next. But I do know that wherever this path leads me I am already a better person for it".

    Samantha Diamond - Portugal

    Self Employed
  • "Firstly a huge thank you to Mark for an absolutely fantastic course! I have had many sessions of hypnotherapy in the past (for various things) and always wanted to learn how to do it. When I saw the advertisement to learn clinical hypnotherapy I jumped at the chance and have not regretted it since. I have learned a lot about other people and myself. This course is fabulous for self-development, or if you have a burning desires to help others. Go for it! It will change your life for the better. I also made some life-long friends on the course, what a bonus"!

    Ashley Gorrie - Portugal

    Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course, I got to learn so much about Hypnotherapy, which I am excited about and plan to set up a practice. I also got to be reminded about who I AM and by changing my thoughts I can change how I look at my Life, almost everyday since the course I get to remember I can choose “how to re act (or not )". Another important re learning for me is about NOT judging others. Definitely a life evolving experience for me".

    Lillian Tubbert - Portugal

  • "An amazing course to have for a future occupation and even heal yourself while learning new things every month. Mark is so lovely as a mentor and days just fly by with him. Highly recommend if you need some healing and want to heal others too".

    Mervi Mehtälä - Spain

  • "After 30 years being a smoker, already with 30 cigarettes a day, I returned to be a non smoker. I am not feeling anxious, depressed or missing the cigarettes, discovered life has so much to be seen and enjoy apart from the cigarettes which were only taking my health away and my time. I am today a very happy person with the decision of using hypnotherapy, with Mark Wilson, the Best decision of my life, 100% trust in all his work, thank you Mark, will never forget 9th October 2018 in Cacela Velha "

    Ana Cristina Estulano - Portugal

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