Selection Process

Stage One

Register on the link below for a FREE place on our Information Webinar. It really is FREE. Once you have registered please check your email inbox (and spam folder) for a confirmation email. We will then process and evaluate your registration and decide whether a call/or email is required for any further clarification. Once we have processed your registration form, we will send out the access link 48 hours or so before the webinar date/time you have chosen to attend. As we have said, the Information Webinar is completely FREE and we will NOT ask you for a credit card or for one single cent.
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Stage Two

 Assuming that everything goes well, as we complete the information webinar, you will then be invited to apply for a FREE place on our Hypnotherapy Discovery Day. We will process your application and call you for a brief selection interview. We are not too concerned about your academic status or abilities, but really more interested in your view to life, people and your general character. Assuming that everything goes well at this stage, you will then be invited to attend our FREE Hypnotherapy Discovery Day. Again, we will NOT ask you for a credit card or for one single cent. If you decide that the course is not really for you or you find that you are unable to attend the Discovery Day, all we ask is that you kindly let us know in good time so that we are able to ask someone from our reserve list to join the event. 

Stage Three

After completing the FREE Hypnotherapy Discovery Day, certificates will be awarded and the majority of students will be invited to take their place on the whole Practitioner Level Hypnotherapy Training Course. Don't let this process concern you too much as it is not often we reject someone at this stage. Of course, you too have a choice, you may find that the course is not for you and if this is the case, then that is absolutely fine. We believe in freedom of choice and respect your decision and you DO NOT owe us a single cent.  
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Learn Hypnotherapy...

We're offering you two Information packed events
of Hypnotherapy Training, completely
FREE of charge.
The events Complete the First Module of our Practitioner Training in Hypnotherapy.
Two exciting events where we will introduce you to the amazing and powerful human mind.
We will share lots of interesting information, mixed with fun and also live hypnosis demonstrations. Following a demonstration you will even get to hypnotise one of the other students for the very first time!
So click the button below and APPLY NOW for your FREE place...
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