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Special Place... 'Travellers Rest'

Do you ever wish that you could step off the ‘Merry Go Round’ of life and take a moment or two to ‘Smell the Roses’ as they say?
Perhaps you’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed at times?
Tired, Stressed and just wanting to make changes, but not sure what or how?
Here’s your opportunity to take a Relaxing journey and visit somewhere very Special.
An opportunity to take 35 minutes out of your day giving you time and space to enjoy your own Hypnotic Journey to your very own Special Place.
This FREE Hypnosis Audio Download is our gift to you, a Relaxing and Positive experience just for you.
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Learn Hypnotherapy...

We're offering you two Information packed events
of Hypnotherapy Training, completely
FREE of charge.
The events Complete the First Module of our Practitioner Training in Hypnotherapy.
Two exciting events where we will introduce you to the amazing and powerful human mind.
We will share lots of interesting information, mixed with fun and also live hypnosis demonstrations. Following a demonstration you will even get to hypnotise one of the other students for the very first time!
So click the button below and APPLY NOW for your FREE place...
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